Are your response times or service delivery performance levels meeting customer requirements? Are you losing business to more responsive competitors? Is your business ‘coping’ with service delivery challenges, but are burdened with ever increasing operating costs?

Why would customers be put off from buying your product? How easy is it for your customers to buy from you? How do customers feel during the order, processing and receipt of your product?

Let us support – facilitate – lead you in finding the answers and design future processes which focus on true customer requirements and experiences, are flexible and agile to respond to changing demands, as well as focussing on value added processing with the minimum of waste at every stage. All with the aim of delivering real bottom line results.

Value Stream Mapping & Design



“All we’re trying to do is shorten the time line…”
Taiichi Ohno

Customer Journey Analysis & Design

Creating a simple, visual representation of the physical and emotional experiences of your customers as they encounter each stage and touchpoint of the considering, choosing, buying, processing, receipt and usage of your product or service.

Let us support and assist you with facilitated workshops:

  • to understand your customer journey and to enhance their experiences throughout
  • analyse operational flow and identify unnecessary costs within your existing operation
  • to compete a Value Stream analysis of existing processes
  • to design effective process for new and existing operations
  • for developing ‘future-state’ visions with phased project delivery plans