Does your organisation have Leaders whose skills, knowledge, capabilities or confidence levels are not at the level the business requires to succeed and excel in todays competitive and demanding climate?

Have you a manager or group of managers who require specific support whilst they transition into new roles and take on new responsibilities?

Has your organisation been through a series of training and development programmes over the years without seeing the behavioural changes and operational performance benefits expected?

Let us support and assist with a structured coaching and mentoring programme specifically designed for individuals within operations at all levels of leadership. Similar coaching programmes can be developed for individuals operating in offline improvement roles (Continuous Improvement Practitioners, Project Teams, Change Leaders & Support Teams), utilising our self-assessment skills and behaviours matrix as a benchmark for development and progression.

If a more subtle self-development approach is required, then bespoke mentoring programmes can be developed to support Senior Operations Leaders when either new to role or in need of development during expansion of responsibilities.

Operations Management Coaching & Mentoring:

Ideally (no obligation), linked to one of our operations management development programmes, our coaching and mentoring programmes can be designed and tailored to suit all individual and business requirements.

Structured coaching programmes designed for operations leaders, continuous improvement practitioners and business change leaders. We recommend adoption of our Operational Excellence Leadership skills and behaviours development matrix to monitor progression and focus on areas for improvement.

Mentoring (remote or face to face), support programmes developed with Operational Leaders to suit specific needs of the business and the individual. This covers all operating levels from First Line Managers to Operations Directors.