AKA… Continuous Improvement Tools, Lean Tools, Leaders Toolbox, Basic Skills… the list of name tags depending upon the market sector or organisation you work in goes on and on, however from experience we find they all mean essentially the same thing. The key differentiator being the capability and experience of the provider to impart their knowledge in a way that the fundamental principles are understood and the delegate is both inspired and challenged to effectively apply them to their operation after leaving the training room.

Co-ordinated and effective usage of business improvement tools gives a Return on Investment (ROI) which invariably outstrips returns on capital investment projects and can be achieved in a fraction of the time. All of the basic principles are fundamental to your peoples understanding and key enablers for successful application of major change projects e.g. re-organisation, automation or digital transformation.

We can teach and facilitate effective usage of a range of tools & techniques that make this a reality.

Business Improvement Tools & Techniques

Standard & Bespoke training courses in a selection of the following topics:

  • 5S / 5C – for workplace organisation and their fundamental role in preserving and sustaining improved performance
  • Standardisation – the foundation of change, through reducing variation and the contribution this makes to improved performance
  • Problem Solving & the 7 QC Tools – to effectively apply a fundamental model for systematic problem solving and the importance of ‘speaking with data’ with practical usage of statistical QC tools
  • Lean Principles and understanding Waste – the base principles of ‘lean thinking’ and ‘waste elimination’
  • Sustainability requirements – the essential factors required to enable improved methods, systems and disciplines to adhere and become habitual practices
  • Project Management, Risk & FMEA tools – the techniques used to limit exposure to risk in the implementation of change, new projects or improved working practises