Services & Utilities

We believe we are unrivalled in our knowledge, experience and capability of effectively adapting and successfully applying operational excellence principles across a diverse range of market sectors and locations.

Within our heritage we were trail blazers for leadership development, continuous improvement training and lean consultancy across many sectors. Whilst Directors of Forward Vision our founder and key people were pivotal in leading the development of engagements across a number of diverse service and utility organisations. Deerness Consulting are also proud of the longstanding supplier relationship it holds with OEE Consulting (GoBeyond Partners) and through this relationship our knowledge, capabilities and experience within this sector have further expanded.

Services and Utilities Case Studies

We are proud of our long history of successful interventions delivered with general service and utilities organisations. Examples of consulting and training engagements successfully completed within this sector include: the design, development and launch implementation of a ‘Model Office’ for a world leading communications and media company; the design and delivery of business improvement principles and techniques training for all levels of management and staff at the UK’s largest fleet car company; as well as the following diverse range of examples:

Sita Waste Management

SITA Waste Management

Facilitated training in business improvement tools and techniques for waste processing site leaders and senior engineers. This included the real time observation of waste site activities and the documenting of ‘best methods’ for standardisation of waste processing and operational activity.

Sure Start

Sure Start

Leadership and teambuilding training for operational managers and key team members of a regional social care organisation. This included the design and delivery of a series of indoor and outdoor competitive team focussed tasks to develop teamworking and leadership competences and skills.