General Manufacturing

We believe we are unrivalled in our knowledge, experience and capability of effectively adapting and successfully applying operational excellence principles.

Within our heritage we were trail blazers for continuous improvement training and lean consultancy across many sectors. Whilst Directors of Forward Vision (see our evolution), our founder and key people were pivotal in leading the development of engagements across a number of blue-chip General Manufacturing companies. In the case of PC Henderson, the quality of the training and coaching engagement was recognised through the winning of a prestigious National Training Award. Success in this sector has continued for Deerness Consulting with a number of high profile consulting projects and people development engagements completed with progressive organisations.

A selection of our General Manufacturing organisations we have worked with:

We are proud of our long history of successful interventions and experience within the General Manufacturing sector, not least with the National Training Award win gained jointly with the client organisation.  The award made in recognition of the close programme engagement between client and provider and specifically for the quality of design, delivery and results achieved for both the organisations people and the operational performance levels achieved.

Specific examples of our experience in this sector include:

PC Henderson

A business change programme involving initial diagnostic and facilitated value stream mapping workshops with senior management followed up with focussed operational improvement projects and an underpinning development programme for operations first line managers and key support functions.

Peacock Medical

At the request of the Managing Director, in support of growth development opportunities: Facilitation of senior management value stream mapping to identify clear and multifunctional aligned view of customer service / response times, operational cost reductions and capital release opportunities. This was followed by the development of a phased implementation plan of change projects and first line manager development programme.

North East Manufacturing Co.

To support development of its internal Continuous Improvement capability and to address a recognised need for engaging First Line Process Managers and their operational teams in the effective use of problem solving and improvement techniques, Facilitated problem solving workshops focusing on visualisation of the problem solving process were designed and delivered within Process Managers and teams workplace and included newly appointed Continuous Improvement managers for internal skills transfer and continuation. Initial outputs implemented from workshops delivered 2:1 cost benefit.