FMCG & Distribution

We believe we are unrivalled in our knowledge, experience and capability of effectively adapting and successfully applying operational excellence principles.

Within our heritage we were trail blazers for continuous improvement training and lean consultancy across many sectors. Whilst Directors of Forward Vision (see our evolution), our founder and key people were pivotal in leading the development of engagements across a number of blue-chip FMCG companies and this continues at Deerness Consulting.


A selection of FMCG & Distribution organisations we have worked with:

FMCG & Distribution Feedback

We are proud of our long history of successful interventions within the FMCG & Distribution sector. Recent engagements have included successful delivery of our Continuous Improvement Leader development programme, ‘source to store’ Value Stream Mapping and Model Site Launch support with ASDA Logistic Services.

Feedback received from our client sponsor and programme delegates included:

On training programme:

“Very patient presenters and good content….. courses have all been useful and relevant to the role.”

“Having qualified as an industrial engineer and a related degree in ‘management’ including lean, some of the courses have been a good reminder of things. The way the courses are tailored is great…. a good mix of class room based activity with shop-floor learning’s / actions. The courses we have done certainly leave something with the ‘home’ site which is reassuring”

“I have found the training through Deerness very professional, well paced and the support is fantastic to which when I have been down on the floor carrying different exercises the trainers are always on hand to help and guide rather than the training I have had in the past the Facilitator would send you on your way and say come back in 1 hr and give your findings, Deerness really get involved. Its obvious they know their subject and this really shows through the flow of the day. Everything I have learnt so far I have been able to take back to depot and use which as come in really handy recently with gaining new ideas, starting new projects and solving the problem”

“The training I received from you guys has definitely stayed with me and helped me form the basis for anything I do”

On consultancy & facilitation:

“From a non-food perspective this has been clear, articulate and reassuring. A lot of the consultancy work Deerness have given has been around sharing experience and facilitation to gain further understanding of long lasting issues. So, really helped to pull out some clear actions when we completed the George ‘Source to Store’ day and more recently the ‘uplifts and transfers’ day we had. Deerness provide sound experience in a very simple style.”

On coaching of Model Site Launch:

“I can talk from experience in two sites. The first where Ian has been instrumental in getting that site to the point on confidence. Ian has really coached and spent quality time with (Site Managers)…… to drive the sites improvement plan and all associated Terms Of Reference documents. The second site, Deerness have been focussed on pulling together a support plan for the model floor. This has really helped to drive clear and meaningful action for (local Continuous Improvement Manager)…. to drive this project forwards. Deerness certainly adds value from this perspective.”