Engineering & Aerospace

We believe we are unrivalled in our knowledge, experience and capability of effectively applying operational excellence principles.

Within our heritage we were trail blazers for continuous improvement training and lean consultancy across many sectors. Whilst Directors of Forward Vision (see our evolution) our founder and key people were pivotal in leading the development of engagements across a number of blue-chip organisations.

Successful engagement continues in this sector for Deerness Consulting, notably building on the direct experience of our founder and key people in their backgrounds of successful leadership and support roles within Engineering and Aerospace organisations.


Examples of consulting and training engagements successfully completed within this sector as follows:

Martin Baker Aero

Successful capacity increase and cost reduction programme delivered within component machining division of world leading ejector seat manufacturer. Programme involved a mix of business improvement skills training for operations leaders and team members, in conjunction with focussed Overall Equipment Effectiveness improvement projects on critical bottleneck machinery.

Rolls-Royce ARO

Diagnostic and analysis activity of the planning, scheduling, material supply and operational processes of aero engines repair and overhaul facility, coupled with a review of effectiveness of organisational design. Report presented to site leadership team with recommendations of opportunities and critical changes required for reducing customer response times by c.30%.

Cummins Engines

Operations Management development programme for operational leaders and key support staff covering all aspects of our general Operations Management learning modules including delivery of our residential operations simulation module and workplace implementation projects to validate learnings.