Recently celebrating 10 successful years in our current format with a training, consulting and operations leadership heritage stretching back almost 30 years. Our roots and passionate beliefs are founded on real experience and in depth knowledge of world class operational excellence principles and practises. We take pride in how we’ve grown and evolved to successfully share and further develop Operational Excellence across a wide spectrum of market sectors and international locations.

To help you understand our pedigree and experience in this field, take a moment to read through our evolutionary timeline…

  • 1990 / 91

    Ian Scurfield joins Hashimoto Ltd as a key member of the business start up team receiving extensive training and gaining practical experience, in both UK and Japan, of kaizen principles and practises and world class operations leadership.

    Forward Vision founded by Ed Handyside, having been formerly responsible for staff development at Nissan and originator of Nissan’s production management training programmes.

  • 1992 – 1997

    Forward Vision becomes established as one of the first Lean consulting and people development organisations with a growing portfolio of international ‘blue chip’ clients such as Rolls Royce Power, Daimler Benz, Draeger, General Motors, Alcan and many others.

  • 1997

    Publication (Gower) of Ed Handyside’s, Genba Kanri: the Disciplines of Real Leadership in the Workplace.

    Genba Kanri Book Cover
  • 1998

    Ian Scurfield joins Forward Vision from Hashimoto Ltd having spent 8 years as an Operations Leader and latterly as Hashimoto’s first full time UK Continuous Improvement Manager.

  • 2003

    Ian Scurfield becomes Director at Forward Vison and continues expansion of client base with an increasing number of FMCG businesses, including: Geest/Bakkavor, United Biscuits, Hazlewood Foods/Greencore Gp. and Britvic

  • 2004

    Forward Vision and PC Henderson Ltd are joint winners of a National Training Award for a programme designed and led by Ian Scurfield. The award received in recognition of the effectiveness of the close partnership and engagement between client and supplier and the use of training as an effective driver and enabler for change.  The programme combined value stream mapping and process design, extensive leadership and operational excellence skills training, and the installation of new operations management practises.

  • 2007

    Ian Scurfield leaves Forward Vision to take up a position as Operations Director at an engineering business. Forward Vision purchased by Coriolis;  Ed Handyside engaged as Project Director until business handover and contractual obligations are fulfilled.

  • 2009

    Ian Scurfield establishes Deerness Consulting and engages in Operational Excellence interventions at FMCG businesses with Coriolis, within the financial services sector with OEE Consulting, and also at Martin Baker Aircraft Company.

  • 2012

    Deerness Consulting wins contract to deliver a network wide programme for developing Operations and Continuous Improvement managers within ASDA logistics. Ed Handyside and other former colleagues join Ian Scurfield to further expand the business.

  • 2012 – present

    Significant expansion within financial services sector through OEE Consulting (GoBeyond Partners).
    Expansion of manufacturing client base.
    Expansion of programmes and services offered.
    Significant increase in project/change management work-type; notably the development of Operational Excellence as a supporting driver for effective digital and automation transformation.
    Expansion of international working (India, China, USA, Europe).