Who we are:

Based in Durham City in the North East of England with a global operating footprint.

Established in our current format in 2009 with a background heritage spanning almost 30 years.

Our core team offer unrivalled levels of operations leadership, consulting, coaching and training expertise. We are supported by a network of experienced / specialist associate partners.

Why we’re different:

Many consulting and training organisations can be guilty of presenting ever changing theoretical models and promising over-inflated benefits without having the background expertise, demonstrable experience or practical capability, to ensure successful delivery.

We truly understand the operational challenges businesses face and will have faced these challenges in both direct leadership positions as well as consulting and training roles. We draw confidence from our experience, and from our passionate belief in Operational Excellence principles and practises, that our training, doing and leadership approach will be of benefit to your organisation.

We recognise the need to deliver value and take pride in ensuring engagements are based on commercial priorities with a clear focus on Return on Investment.

Our people are all experienced practitioners:

Our core team and approved associates can all demonstrate many years of practical front-line experience. You can be assured that we will have faced and addressed a similar challenge in both our leadership background and in our training and consulting roles.

Our people pride themselves on their ability to engage with people at all levels and always aim to share our experiences and impart knowledge whilst delivering real change.

We believe that organisations from any business sector can improve customer experience, enhance workplace culture and increase business productivity through adoption of Operational Excellence principles.

What we do:

We have a depth of competences covering process design and change planning, programme delivery leadership, people development training programmes and hands-on implementation support.

We work with organisations from any business sector that are pursuing measurable performance improvement utilising the principles, practices and beliefs of Operational Excellence. We engage across the following range of formats and styles based on your specific needs and requirements:

  • Business Improvement skills (training & coaching)
  • Leadership & management development programmes
  • Operations & Continuous Improvement management coaching and mentoring
  • Analysis, troubleshooting and Operational Excellence consulting
  • Business process mapping and future state design (facilitation & leadership)
  • Project and interim management
  • Change delivery management