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We believe we are unrivalled in our knowledge, experience and capability of effectively applying operations excellence principles across a diversity of market sectors and location

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Based in Durham City in the North East of England, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary in our current format with a consulting and operational heritage stretching back almost 30years. Our roots are founded on real experience of true world class operational principles and practises which we have successfully shared and further developed across a wide spectrum of market sectors and international locations.

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We support and assist organisations pursuing real business improvement utilising the disciplines and practices of Operations Excellence, the following being only a selection of our services:

Business Improvement Tools and Techniques

AKA… Continuous Improvement Tools, Lean Tools, Leaders Toolbox, Basic Skills, the list goes on and on. All perhaps better referred to as tools to support drive of what the Japanese refer to as ‘Divine Discontent’; the remorseless process of continually identifying even the smallest problems and issues and rapidly exploiting the benefits through the use of your peoples creativity and drive. Giving a Return on Investment (ROI) which invariably outstrips returns on capital investment projects and achieved in a fraction of the time. We can teach (and facilitate effective usage) to you and your people a range of tools & techniques that make this a reality.

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Operations Management Development Programmes

We are proud of our range of Standard and Bespoke training programmes aimed at developing capable and effective operational leaders. Typically, our programmes cover the spectrum of key skills and knowledge required to be an effective Operations Leader. A leader that can immediately add value to your business and with the practical nature of the programme, will have delivered a Return on Investment (ROI) before the programme is completed.

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Operations Excellence Consulting

Are you implementing a digital transformation?

Are your customer satisfaction ratings below expectations?

Are you simply looking to improve operating margins?

Let us support – facilitate – lead you in the implementation of key elements of operational excellence principles, systems, and tools that will support your change implementation and ensure long term sustainability.

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Value Stream & Customer Journey Mapping

Are your response times or service delivery performance meeting customer requirements?

Is your business ‘coping’ with service delivery, but are burdened with ever increasing operating costs?

How easy is it for your customers to buy from you?

How do customers feel during the order, processing and receipt of your product?

Let us support – facilitate – lead you in finding the answers and designing a better future process.

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Our Services

Operations Excellence Consulting and Training

If you would like to learn more about how our knowledge and experience can help you meet the challenges of modern business then contact us for a free consultation.

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